Kridantas are the most common type of words in Samskrita, where we add suffixes to verbs to convert them into noun-forms. Some of the suffixes are commonly added to all verbs to give rise to common words like गतवान्, गतः, गन्तुम्, गत्वा, गतिः etc.

There are some other special suffixes, which are added to specific verbs, to give unique forms – These forms are sometimes special in their form, and sometimes in their meaning. They add beauty to the use of Samskrita. In this series, we will study some such special Kridanta words.

प्रियंवदः / प्रियंवदा –

प्रियं वदति इति प्रियंवदः/ प्रियंवदा – a person who speaks endearingly.

The name Priyamvadaa would be quite familiar to readers of Kaalidaasa, being the name of one of Shakuntalaa’s friends. It is indeed अन्वर्थ-नाम (a befitting name) for her, who is known for endearing speech.

The related Paninian sutra is प्रियवशे वदः खच् ।


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