Objective: Imparting Samskrita – Samskruti – Samskara(SSS) for citizens of tomorrow

Vyoma Labs can partner with any school and take care of the SSS end to end for any School.

This involves:

  • Value Education training for teachers through workshops in partnership with other organizations.
  • Empowering the Sanskrit teacher with all necessary tools to impart SSS in the school as a programme.
  • Slokas and Bhagavadgīta classes in schools
  • Dedicated Sanskrit resources ( qualified trained teachers) for schools

Case study



Tyamagondalu School, Nelamangala Taluk

Being a government school 60 km away from the city, Value education was required to be taught as per the academic guidelines of the trust.

Vyoma Labs solution

We took up the challenge and coached 400 students over a period of 2 years in engaging and fun way. Slokas and Sanskrit was taught. Values through activities and stories were imparted. Competitions and exams were conducted and results measured.


Students were evaluated through the continuous evaluation system and various essential skills were measured. More than 80% of the students obtained first class (> 60%) . About 25% also cleared the first level Sanskrit exam of surasaraswathi sabha, sringeri.