Śabdarūpasaṅgrahaḥ Online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)

//Śabdarūpasaṅgrahaḥ Online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)
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Śabdarūpasaṅgrahaḥ Online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)


Learn śabdarūpa’s self learning course series helps you learn different noun forms in sanskrit. Knowledge of śabdarūpa’s helps one to construct error free sentences in Sanskrit.

How can one master basic  śabdarūpa’s in Sanskrit?

A time tested method of mastering the śabdarūpa’s and using them in sentences is as follows.

  1. Master the most commonly used śabdarūpa’s first. Vyoma labs have divided 220+ śabdas into 5 levels to achieve this purpose. Prefer learners go through this in this order only.
  2. Download these śabdas and hear to the same for about a week in teacher – student mode and practice by repeating along with the student.
  3. Practice writing one śabda per day in a separate note book using the pdf text.
  4. After each level is completed write to support@ vyomalabs.in and ask for a test ( oral and written) in the level.
  5. Obtain a certificate after completion of the written and oral test.
  6. In order to not forget the śabdas keep on listening to the chanting mode as and when possible.

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