Saptāhastotra Saṅgrahaḥ – Online(Book PDF included)
(The below cost excludes [email protected]%)

//Saptāhastotra Saṅgrahaḥ – Online(Book PDF included)
(The below cost excludes [email protected]%)
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Saptāhastotra Saṅgrahaḥ – Online(Book PDF included)
(The below cost excludes [email protected]%)


  • Compiled, with care and devotion, to include 360 unique ślokās (to provide 360 degree protection to the individual chanting these ślokās daily)
  • Spend just 20 minutes of your day to be in oneness with yourself.
  • Listen and chant specific deities ślokās on specific day of the week for specific benefits.
  • Simple tune, moderate pace & pitch used to enable easy learning
  • Audio CD accompanied with ‘Pārāyaṇam’ (recital mode) and ‘Anūcchāraṇam’ (teacher student mode with repetition twice) for right pronunciation and benefit of the intended learners.
  • Enhance your experience with multilingual supplementary book along with meaning.
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Stotrās (Prayers) are the foundation for a spiritual journey & more importantly for a stress-resilient life. It is proven by research that regular chanting of stotrās with appropriate pronunciation gives benefits like:
  • Physical (harmonises the flow of energy in our body, significantly boosts our immunity)
  • Mental (normalises the chemical composition in our body, that leads to reduction in stress, anxiety and depression)
  • Intellectual (regulates the brain parts and helps increase in focus, concentration and memory)
  • Spiritual (cleanses the mind {chittaśuddhi}, which leads to devotion {bhakti}; and knowledge {gyāna})
  • Emotional & psychological (normalizes hormone production, balancing the mood of an individual, increases happiness and removes sorrow)
  • Please click here, to get to know the master index of days, deities, stotrās, benefits and duration of each audio tracks.
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    (The below cost excludes [email protected]%)

    1. :

      This is very interesting as I am already chanting some of these stotras daily. By providing meaning and transliteration, Vyoma has enhanced the utility of these pristine stotras further.

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