Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder I Online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)

//Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder I Online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)
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Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder I

Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder I Online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)


  •  This self-paced product is based on flash card learning
  •  It has 18 categories with 650+ words and synonyms
  • Meanings for words are given in English and Hindi
  • 18 categories include Gods, Wild animals, Domestic Animals, Aquatic Animals, Birds, Fruits, Vegetables, Parts of the body, Colours, Food  and many more
  • 5 Innovative Brain Games
  • Mode: Online/Web version
  • Target Audience: 5 years and above

  •   Enhances memory
  •   Use the right word for the right context
  •   Improves sentence construction ability
  •   Improves analytical and competitive skills
  •   Also learn synonyms and forms

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1 review for Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder I Online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)

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    “I have used the Vocab 1 & 2 since the second month of my first introduction to Sanskrit and have found the product super useful and very helpful. It covers a wide range of useful words from the very beginning and because it comes with an audio it works at many levels of improving your recall as well as ensuring the right pronunciation of each word. Each category is treated with great attention to detail and relevance and each category comes with a set of interesting exercises which again stretches your learning potential and enhances recall easily. This is my 5th month of using the product and I still find it useful and enthralling. I still haven’t mastered all the games contained in the Set either. So I have so much awaiting me.
    I can say that these products are my most useful tools in making me comfortable in learning Sanskrit. I come from a totally non-Sanskrit background in Singapore and no one around me speaks Sanskrit either at this point in time.
    I still haven’t mastered the more than 1000 words in V 1 and V 2 but they are there for me whenever i want to refresh or learn more.

    I congratulate Vyoma for this brilliant easy to use product that I recommend as an essential must-have tool for all beginners and intermediate students. I study Sanskrit on my own at home through various online courses but am sure that without Vocab 1 and 2 I wouldn’t have had much confidence or inspiration to have come this far in 7 months. I am still a novice but the Vyoma products have become my firm friends in this glorious exercise.

    God Bless Your great efforts to revive Sanskrit and thank you for helping me.

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