Sanskrit Games – 3 Months Subscription

//Sanskrit Games – 3 Months Subscription
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Sanskrit Games – 3 Months Subscription


·        Play games related to Saṃskṛitam and Saṃskṛiti

·         Have fun and learn incidentally

·         Wide range of Games and Activities for kids and adults

·         Enhance your brain motoring capability and language skills as well

·         Categorised into Math games, Memory games, Vocabulary games, Mythology games, Grammar games…

·         Mode: Online

·         Target Audience: Sanskrit Enthusiasts

Launch offer : Subscribe to 3 months plan and get free access for 30 days !!

·         Improves brain motoring and memory

·         Enriches Sanskrit  vocabulary

·         Increases logical reasoning

·         Enhances necessary language skills such as listening, reading, comprehension etc.

·         Improves analytical and competitive skills

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