Sandhi Multimedia CD
(The below cost excludes [email protected]% and Shipping charges)

//Sandhi Multimedia CD
(The below cost excludes [email protected]% and Shipping charges)
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Sandhi Multimedia CD
(The below cost excludes [email protected]% and Shipping charges)


  • Most comprehensive learning of Sanskrit Sandhis
  • This product teaches 25 sandhis through animations, charts, tables, interactive exercises and games
  • Concepts learnt through 1000 examples, 80 graded exerercises and engaging games are sure to make the learner very knowledgable
  • Mode: Multimedia
  • Target Audience: 12 years and above

  • Master the science of letter combinations in Sanskrit words
  • Improves reading skill and writing skill
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Improves logical reasoning
  • Better articulation skills

System Requirements :

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Wine software (for Linux)
  • VLC media player

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3 reviews for Sandhi Multimedia CD
(The below cost excludes [email protected]% and Shipping charges)

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    Sandhi CD is very easy to teach. Students enjoyed the classes and also learnt a lot.The students were very attentive through-out the class.Complments to all those who have worked hard to make this wonderful CD
  2. :

    There are lessons for the beginners. To advanced students of Sanskrit, there are so many products. I just went through the CD- Sandhi. It is very interesting and easy to learn the difficult rules. You can register online and have access to lessons on 'Samaasa' also. This is unique and I found it very useful.
  3. :

    Namaskaram ... My son Pranav is a Homeschooler.. Just wanted to let you know that your e-learning products are amazing!! We have started our learning now of the very basic sandhi rules wrt visargas basing Bhagavad Gita shlokas .. Thank you very much for this start .. He's breathing sanskritam now and enjoying it immensely .. He explained to me about the Pranas and the other pronunciation related syllables identification, etc today morning .. He's extremely excited and happy .. Thank you again ..

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