Samaasa Webversion
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//Samaasa Webversion
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)
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Samaasa Webversion
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)


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  • The understanding of Samaasa is the next step in unravelling the treasures of Sanskrit
  • This is generally perceived as difficult (until you use this product!)
  • Easy, fun way of learning a complex topic like ‘Samaasa’
  • Special ‘brain-map learning’, based on vast teaching experience & research by Vyoma scholars
  • Unique ‘Sentence based examples’ making it real and understandable
  • Animations to explain subtle concepts
  • Concepts explained in simple way reducing need to blindly memorize
  • More than 1000 varied examples making us ‘exam fit’
  • Mode: Online
  • Target Audience: 14 years and above

  • Master the science of joining the words
  • Improves reading skill and writing skill
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Improves logical reasoning
  • Better articulation skills
  • Clarity in expression and thought

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4 reviews for Samaasa Webversion
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)

  1. :

    Your web based Samasa Product is very useful and interesting. I am making an extensive use of this product.
    Kindly include more products of these types. Pratyayams will be a very useful topic. Chandas also can be included.
    Various other topics like karakam, laghu siddhanta kodudi extracts can also be included.
    You are doing a great service! Kindly continue.

  2. :

    This product teaches the samaasas easily to the learners. Without knowing samaasas, nobody can enjoy the Sanskrit language. Especially Vaidika and Bhagvathaas should have this product which will help them to have satisfaction in their fields.

  3. :

    It’s really a fantastic way of presentation to teach Samasa in an easy, interesting manner through multimedia. I have gone through the online web version. Very confident that I will be able to understand Samasa concepts thoroughly. There is a lot of energy, clarity and conviction in the teacher’s delivery of the lectures. Reference to various topics are very useful.

  4. :

    You can register online and have access to lessons on ‘Samaasa’. This is unique and I found it very useful.

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