Learn Sanskrit – Level 1 (Sanskrit English Version) online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)

//Learn Sanskrit – Level 1 (Sanskrit English Version) online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)
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learn sanskrit online

Learn Sanskrit – Level 1 (Sanskrit English Version) online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)

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  • In level 1 of learning Sanskrit you are exposed to concepts, skills and a section to self -assess your learning
  • This self-paced, activity based product contains 250+ activities, keeps you highly engaged
  • Best suited for school children who want to begin learning of Sanskrit. Start learning sanskrit from basics and go up to construction of simple sentences and develop confidence
  • Mode: Online
  • Target Audience: 10 years and above

  • akśaramālā – Alphabets, Vowel signs & Conjunct Consonants : Knowledge about Sanskrit varṇamālā, guṇitākśara series and different types of saṃyuktākśaras, Exercise of facial muscles, clarity in speech, Cognitive skills, Writing skill, hand eye co-ordination,  passive listening
  • liṅgāni– Masculine, Feminine & Neuter words :  Clear understanding about different genders, their forms and pronouns, Improve vocabulary, memory, will be able to form a grammatically correct sentence
  • kṛiyāpadāni – Actions : Learn action words and their forms, Expression through speech and writing, Composition
  • viṣeṣaṇāni – Adjectives : Usage of adjectives in different genders and numbers, usage of adverbs, Expression through speech and writing, Composition,  Reasoning skill
  • saṅkhyāḥ – Numbers : Learn numbers in Sanskrit, improve analytical  & competitive skills
  • vākyavistaraḥ – Sentences : Know about different cases of a word, pronouns, form better sentences by learning about interrogative words and indeclinable, Reasoning skill, form longer sentences, Earned self-esteem/confidence about Sanskrit language
  • śravaṇakauśalam – Listening Skill : Expands knowledge, helps detect problem & solutions, intensify your conversation, improve empathy/enhance encouragement,
  • paṭhanakauśalam – Reading Skill : Mental Stimulation, increase your vocabulary, knowledge, improve focus & concentration, better writing skill, acquire values
  • lekhanakauśalam – Writing Skill : Better listening & reading skill, expression, clarity
  • avagamanakauśalam – Comprehension Skill : Better listening & reading skill, Reasoning
  • śabdasampadvardhanam – Vocabulary Skill : oration, memory improvement
  • rachanākauśalam – Composition Skill : Clarity in communication

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3 reviews for Learn Sanskrit – Level 1 (Sanskrit English Version) online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)

  1. :

    very useful product

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Excellent way for beginners to learn Samskritam step by step in a very intuitive and engaging manner. It keeps the audience engaged, entertained and enhancing their skills all at the same time. Fabulous graphics, amazing clarity in introduction of concepts. Hats off!!!

  3. :

    I finished your Learn sanskirt level1 course. It is just so well designed. You guys are true experts in pedagogy.

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