Learn Sanskrit – Level 1
(Sanskrit Hindi Version) online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)

//Learn Sanskrit – Level 1
(Sanskrit Hindi Version) online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)
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Learn Sanskrit – Level 1
(Sanskrit Hindi Version) online
(The below cost excludes GST@18%)


  • In level 1 of learning Sanskrit you are exposed to concepts, skills and a section to self -assess your learning
  • This self-paced, activity based product contains 250+ activities, keeps you highly engaged
  • Best suited for school children who want to begin learning of Sanskrit. Start learning sanskrit from basics and go up to construction of simple sentences and develop confidence
  • Mode: Online
  • Target Audience: 10 years and above

  • Akśaramālā – Alphabets, Vowel signs & Conjunct Consonants : Knowledge about Sanskrit varṇamālā, guṇitākśara series and different types of saṃyuktākśaras, Exercise of facial muscles, clarity in speech, Cognitive skills, Writing skill, hand eye co-ordination,  passive listening
  • Liṅgāni– Masculine, Feminine & Neuter words :  Clear understanding about different genders, their forms and pronouns, Improve vocabulary, memory, will be able to form a grammatically correct sentence
  • Kṛiyāpadāni – Actions : Learn action words and their forms, Expression through speech and writing, Composition
  • Viṣeṣaṇāni – Adjectives : Usage of adjectives in different genders and numbers, usage of adverbs, Expression through speech and writing, Composition,  Reasoning skill
  • Saṅkhyāḥ – Numbers : Learn numbers in Sanskrit, improve analytical  & competitive skills
  • Vākyavistaraḥ – Sentences : Know about different cases of a word, pronouns, form better sentences by learning about interrogative words and indeclinable, Reasoning skill, form longer sentences, Earned self-esteem/confidence about Sanskrit language
  • Śravaṇakauśalam – Listening Skill : Expands knowledge, helps detect problem & solutions, intensify your conversation, improve empathy/enhance encouragement,
  • Paṭhanakauśalam – Reading Skill : Mental Stimulation, increase your vocabulary, knowledge, improve focus & concentration, better writing skill, acquire values
  • Lekhanakauśalam – Writing Skill : Better listening & reading skill, expression, clarity
  • Avagamanakauśalam – Comprehension Skill : Better listening & reading skill, Reasoning
  • Śabdasampadvardhanam – Vocabulary Skill : oration, memory improvement
  • Rachanākauśalam – Composition Skill : Clarity in communication

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