Baalaamodini Downloads (For Windows OS)
(The below cost excludes [email protected]%)

//Baalaamodini Downloads (For Windows OS)
(The below cost excludes [email protected]%)
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Baalaamodini Downloads (For Windows OS)
(The below cost excludes [email protected]%)


  • Samskrita Balaamodini is a great way to begin Sanskrit learning. Users will learn through graded lessons – scriptwriting, accurate pronunciation, domain based words,genders, pronouns,adjectives, verbs, numbers, subhashitas,stories, rhymes
  • Users will also learn about forming basic simple sentences in Sanskrit
  • Each chapter has games to sustain interest
  • Mode: Multimedia
  • Target Audience: 2 to 10 years

  • Clarity in speech
  • Improve cognitive skills
  • Passive listening
  • Build vocabulary
  • Improve analytical and competitive skills through 25 games
  • Will be able to form simple sentences in sanskrit

System Requirements :

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Wine software (for Linux)
  • VLC media player

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3 reviews for Baalaamodini Downloads (For Windows OS)
(The below cost excludes [email protected]%)

  1. :

    Thanks to Baalaamodini classes are more lively and students are eager to see more and learn more

  2. :

    Its an excellent way of learning Sanskrit, keeping up with the modern world. Rivetting, engaging and addictive. A great way to learn Sanskrit with ease. Any beginner in Sanskrit of any age can easily learn the language. Its innovative, Interesting and

  3. :

    Balaamodini is a small wonder in the field of Samskritam. It entices people to learn Samskritam, entertains and explains the basics of Samskritam beautifully

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