Among numerous sources of children’s interest in the language learning process, games and activities are the most preferred way.

Activities & Games motivate the players to take actions, persevere through ups and downs, set and achieve goals, devote attention, time and effort to acquiring knowledge and language skills while having fun without realising that language items are being practised. As a result, language learning takes place in a context that children can directly relate to.

Vyoma Labs is proud to present first of its kind, activity & games portal –  for Saṃskṛtam &  Saṃskṛti based games.


Top reasons to subscribe to Vyoma’s games portal:

  1. Children learn through the process of playing
  2. Activities & games provide a context for engaging practice.
  3. Kids learn a variety of important language skills like Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Comprehension etc.
  4. Kids develop a variety of connections with the content and can form positive memories of learning
  5. Grab the learners’ attention and actively engage them
  6. Lot of free activities for new explorers in the world of Sanskrit learning

Enjoy and indulge yourself by playing games and incidentally “Learn Sanskrit in a fun way” !!!

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