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विशिष्टाः कृदन्ताः – १ (प्रियंवदः/प्रियंवदा)

Kridantas are the most common type of words in Samskrita, where we add suffixes to verbs to convert them into noun-forms. Some of the suffixes are commonly added to all verbs to give rise to common words like गतवान्, गतः, गन्तुम्, गत्वा, गतिः etc. There are some other special suffixes, which are added to specific [...]

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Sanskrit Beginners Pack for Free

One of the most common question that we at Vyoma Labs are asked often are - " I am interested in learning Sanskrit but I do not have much free time. How and where can I start learning Sanskrit ?" Vyoma Labs has come up with a solution for knowledge hungry minds by creating a [...]

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Play – Fun – Learn

Among numerous sources of children’s interest in the language learning process, games and activities are the most preferred way. Activities & Games motivate the players to take actions, persevere through ups and downs, set and achieve goals, devote attention, time and effort to acquiring knowledge and language skills while having fun without realising that language [...]

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