Shabdaroopasangrahah Audio CD

//Shabdaroopasangrahah Audio CD
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Shabdaroopasangrahah Audio CD


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  • Shabdaroopasangrahah helps you learn shabda roopas or the noun forms in sanskrit.
  • 220 shabdas are covered in this product
  • The unique feature of this product is that it has two modes – Learning mode(anuccharnam) and the Practice mode(parayanam)
  • Teaching and recitation is done by Sanskrit Scholars
  • Mode: Audio
  • Target audience: 6 to 15 years

  • Accurate pronunciation
  • Improves memory
  • Increase in vocabulary
  • Improves concentration and focus

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    This is a true gift for each and every person from all walks of life. Be it students, working professionals, housewives or elders at home. Because ‘Shabdaas’ and ‘Daatus’ are like two eyes for Sanskrit. The more the number of ‘shabdaas’ we know, more we will be proficient in Sanskrit language. Whenever I am on travel I listen to the “Shabdaas” and I am sure within a year I will memorise all the ‘Shabdaas’ with the help of this CD and the book. Even by playing this CD continuously at home our kids will surely memorise the ‘shabdaas’ so easily. Further as our fathers / forefathers learned ‘Vedas’ only by listening from their ‘Gurus’, this is an opportunity for us also to follow the tradition of ‘Shruti’. I could visualize the pain taken by Vyoma Sevarthees in developing such a great product where we can enjoy the perfect ‘Uchcharana’ with exact ‘Mahapraanaas’, ‘Alpapraanaas’, ‘Hrasva’ and ‘Dheerga swaraas’. I sincerely thank once again the Vyoma team to help the Sanskrit lovers and learners to be gifted with such a “MUST TO HAVE” product.

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