Learn Samskrit Pronunciation through Bhagavad Gita Downloads (For Windows OS)

//Learn Samskrit Pronunciation through Bhagavad Gita Downloads (For Windows OS)
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Learn Samskrit Pronunciation through Bhagavad Gita Downloads (For Windows OS)


  • An audio of 700 verses of Bhagavad Geeta, with pristine pronunciation by Sanskrit Scholars .
  • Uniqueness of this product is that there are 2 modes namely “Anuccharanam” – Teacher student repition mode and “Uccharanam” – Learning and chanting mode
  • Mode: Audio
  • Target Audience: No age bar

  • Achieve accurate pronunciation of each letter in Sanskrit
  • Understand easily the dictation between related sounds
  • Experience the energy resulting from proper chanting of Sanskrit syllabels
  • Simply listening to these verses being chanted well, will bring you tranquility and peace of mind that forms the crux of Gita
  • Improves concentration and focus

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9 reviews for Learn Samskrit Pronunciation through Bhagavad Gita Downloads (For Windows OS)

  1. :

    Received the DVDs. Quality is excellent and lot of efforts are put to make it useful. Efforts are appreciated.
  2. :

    I bought it online, very nice it is.
  3. :

    This is further to our discussion in our last Shikshaa class about the importance of Bhagavad Gita, and its right pronunciation etc. I am copying and pasting the mail of Vyoma labs so that others can get a clear picture of their activities especially on their effort on Bhagavad Gita. My sincere requests to each one of you to buy the CDs and get benefitted. Kindly requesting everybody to promote this bhagavad gita spashta-ucharana CDs. Kindly buy them and encourage your students to buy them and learn the pronunciations of Bhagavan Krishna-vachanam aptly. Dhanyavadah
  4. :

    pls make one cd only. do not make 2 cds. no one is interested in listening to 2 cds. waste of money also. guru and shishya recitation is good. pls focus on that only. ​
  5. :

    The Bhagavad-Gita product is an astounding product. The audio is very clear, interpretable and very pleasant to hear. I always listen to it while travelling. It refreshes my mind. The product has also helped me memories shlokas. To say in a sentence it is a "spirituality with technology"
  6. :

    Srinivasji namasthe! Some of the people whom we have distributed CD have admired the rendering of Slokas in it and very helpful in learning them with the correct diction and pronunciation. All of them, in fact, thanked us for giving such an enchanting spiritual masterpiece. Ram Ram Ram
  7. :

    By word of mouth all appreciated and happy with the way of teaching in the cd’s. Teachers who train students for Bhagavad-Gita competition found it very useful as they are clear about uccharanam (pronunciations). All are excited to hear the shaastria paddhatih of teaching (uchaarana and anuchaarana)
  8. :

    Thanks for the effort to make this product. The chanting of the verses is very beautiful. Liked it very much. It is indeed a great contribution by you to the human kind. Hope to see more such products.
  9. :

    You guys are doing such an important job. I must salute you. I have done the Gita two times fully thanks to your product. I'm started the 3rd round yesterday doing one chapter a day. Your recording with the lyrics makes it so easy n my sanskrit reading is improving. I have also finished your CSE level 5 course. It is just so well designed. You guys are true experts in pedagogy.

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